Warm Showers

PhilippeWith each week that rolls past we slowly ramp up our preparations and research.  One area that has been taking centre stage recently is different accommodation options while in NZ.  We are going to be camping the vast majority of our tour, with the odd B&B or guest house thrown in when the weather is being unkind, if the girls get sick or just if we need a break. 

We are aiming to see as much of the “real NZ” as possible and during our, seemingly never ending research, we started to look into home stays.  The idea of staying with local families, and getting their insight, their local knowledge of the area just feels like it is going to add some real depth to our tour.  We have also started contacting people through the Warm Showers network, this is a worldwide community of cycle tourists who offer their hospitality to fellow cyclists.  One of our most memorable parts of our last tour of Europe was when we stayed with a crazy fanatical french cyclist, Philippe, in the foot hills of the Savoiur region.  He barely spoke any english, and our French wasn’t much better, but we cycled together for over 100km the next day and it was a true taste of the French way of life, and this is exactly what we are looking for, and what we are sure to find with our already increasing list of Warm Showers hosts in NZ.


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