MSR Stove Test

IMG_1857We have finally gotten around to testing out our MSR multi-fuel stove this weekend, and the results are good and un expected.  As mentioned in previous posts we used the excellent, super efficient Jet Boil system on our last tour and this is all we have to compare the new stove to.  Firstly it is a very small, lightweight package although it is a little bit fiddly to initially set it up (the flexible fuel hose wants to say in the bent position, but i’m sure this will become more flexible the more we use it).  There is also a little bit of nerves involved, at the though of setting light to pressurised petrol – especially with the girls close by, but once you get past the little niggles it is a remarkably simple system to use.  We opted to cook a very complicated meal of tinned soup and within a couple of minutes we had hot soup, and with the simmer control it was very easy to regulate the flame size and temperature.  One thing we were really surprised by is how loud the stove was.  Definitely not a stealth stove, and with it’s slower set up time ect. it will change the way we cook on this tour.  On this very brief first test it seems very efficient, and sourcing fuel shouldn’t be  problem where ever we end up in the world.  First impressions – we like it, and we are pretty sure the more we use it the more we will come to love the little stove.


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