110 Days and counting…..

So the countdown has officially begun.  There’s 110 days until we land in Christchurch and the adventure begins whether we’re ready or not!  It might seem like plenty of time to get prepared, but as the days and weeks roll by we are starting to realise that perhaps things are going to be a little different than we had envisaged.  Over the last couple of weeks we have had a couple of glimpses of what life could be like on the road, it is both stunningly beautiful and terrifying in equal proportions.  Our girls (Sunny & Imani) are growing fast and have both just started walking.  It is amazing to watch just how determined they are to succeed, and succeed they do, they are developing in leaps and bounds, this also means they are starting to develop their understanding of what they want or don’t want!  It’s a very recent thing but on occasion, usually in public, one of the girls will suddenly decide that they no longer want to play happy families and has a miniature meltdown.  At the moment it is still really endearing to see them explore their emotional range, and the ways in which they can choose to display them, but just for a second imagine slogging up a 1:10 hill in the middle of the summer heat on a busy road with no safe place to pull over – I can imagine it will be slightly less endearing.  We are so proud that our girls are now properly mobile, but this also means they constantly want to toddle off and explore which is amazing until you take the same kids with the same adventurous sprit and tell them to sit still on a rug while we have lunch on the side of the road, or to stay near the tipi in the campsite.  

Our excitement is growing with each day that goes past, we can not wait to have the very simple luxury of spending time with your family.  It is a privilege to be able to spend so much time together, watching the girls develop and teaching them about the world around them whilst living simply.  It is something we have been working extremely hard to make a reality, and as the adventure draws ever closer, we need to take a little time to ensure that we stay focused on the reason we are taking this trip.  Our complete focus has always been, and will remain squarely on the girls, however there will be times, i’m sure, when things wont go to plan, and we be forced to ride with crying children.  The true test of our journey will be how we deal with these rare occurrences  and how we plan ahead to ensure they don’t change from rare to regularly occurring.


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