A guest from Sweden

IMG_2228We have just had the pleasure of hosting our first cycle tourist through Warmshorwers.org – Erik Olhson.  He’s a very colourful character with some incredible stories from his cycling adventures all over the globe.  Erik has cycled over 20,000km with one of his more interesting and challenging tours entailing a solo, 10 month journey from Stockholm to Singapore!  He is currently heading south visiting a few friends along the way.  Erik explained to us that he is starting to lack the energy to cycle all the way to Tasmania, his original plan, and now instead he will be cycle-hiking.  This is a form or hitch-hiking but with a bike to fill in the gaps, Erik told us that he actually finds it easier to get people to pick him up with the bike as people always seem to assume there is something wrong, and that he needs help!

It has been a change of pace for all of us, and a real joy to share a few beers, and a few travel stories.  We have very loose plans to meet up with Eirk again in the new year in NZ where he will be learning to paraglide.  Having another cycle tourist in the house has definitely boosted our energy levels, and we are now more excited than ever to get on the bike and head on down the road.


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