Chariot Training


For the past couple of months we have been putting the girls through Chariot training.  Basically this entailed us swapping their old stroller for the Chariot so we could try to get them used to their new, soon to be, home.  We are trying to take them out as much as we can but as the Queensland summer is quickly gaining on us it is getting harder, and by mid day it’s almost like torture.  So our solution – as soon as the girls wake up in the morning, which can often be before 5am! we strap them into the Chariot and go for a jog around the island.  The jogging is serving a double purpose really, firstly it is getting the girls used to the Chariot, and early mornings and secondly it is helping us build up our pre-tour fitness.

The first few times we used the Chariot it ended in tears, but with a few adjustments here and there the girls seem to love it in there.  They have a much better view of the word from inside the Chariot compared to their old stroller as there is big vented panels on each side which gives the girls an un-interupted view of the world wizzing by.  One “interesting” habit which the girls had started to develop whilst in the trailer is that they liked to have a bit of a cry when we are going the slowest on the steepest hills on the island.  They love it when we are running on the flat, or even better down hill, but as soon as the hard slog starts up hill – so starts the crying.  It’s like their little protest at ruining their fun.  Distraction is the key to success, and it is good training for us too as it brings home the reality of what could happen while we are touring, and the responsibility of keeping the girls happy at all times will rest squarely on our shoulders alone.  Our next challenge is to get the girls used to, and comfortable with wearing a helmet whilst in the Chariot, more on this soon.


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