Chariot Preparation Pt1


We have just received our first support package from Chariot Carriers, which included a Rain Cover, Cargo Rack and Fender Kit.  Our first impression is that all of the parts are well made, high quality items.  Despite being a male, and even against the advice from my dad I decided to read the instructions which came with each of the parts.  I didn’t really need to, to be honest – the parts are so simple to fit, and very intuitive.   

First up was the Cargo Rack.  We had been looking at these for a while.  We are really going to have to maximise our usable, quick access space whilst on tour and adding more storage to the Chariot just seemed like a logical option.  The Cargo Rack is rated to cary up to a maximum of 2.3KG and it is intended for soft items only.  This may seem almost useless but for us we think it is going to be a perfect addition to our overall luggage capacity.  As one thing we are going to need to have on hand all times is nappies, and lots of them – along with wet wipes and a couple of other bits and pieces the Cargo Rack is going to help us have the essential travellers nappy station.

Next is the Fender Kit.  Very clever in its design, and extremely simple to fit.  The Fender Kit provides some much needed protection to the Chariot.  We haven’t used the Chariot much in wet weather but on our world tour we are undoubtedly going to encounter foul weather along with trails and roads covered in dust, mud and pretty much everything else you can think of.  Any extra protection from the elements will always be welcome, and the Fender Kit is going to be an invaluable addition to the Chariot to help stop all of that crud ending up splattered all over us and the girls.

Finally is the Rain Cover.  This is a small lightweight cover that adds to the wet weather protection of the Chariot.  The majority of the time we will just be using the 2-in-1 cover, and only in the heaviest of downpours will we be using the rain cover, but when we get caught out in these downpours you can bet we will be glad that we had the extra protection for the girls.

All in all we are extremely pleased with all of the additions to the Chariot, and despite that fact that they are going to make the Chariot slightly heavier we feel the additions have made the already very versatile  trailer even more so and we can’t wait for part 2 of our Chariot upgrade.


One thought on “Chariot Preparation Pt1

  1. Hi guys, the horse and carriage are looking great! Preparations seem to be well advanced – although best luck getting helmets on the girls : ). And congrats on the sponsorship; great win. The whole site is a credit to you Jay, looks fabulous!

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