Why cycle touring is good for young kids!!


“How could towing your twins round the world in a trailer be beneficial for them?”

First and foremost this trip is about family.  The 4 of us spending time together as a family.  The girls have the luxury of having both parents on hand 24/7 and this will help them  build on their already strong relationship with us, and help cement in their minds that we are the key supporters in their lives.   We want to raise our girls, we want to be their main influences.  We don’t want our girls to be raised by who ever is on shift at the local day care,  or by friends, instead we want to raise our girls ourselves.  We want the girls to have consistency in their parenting.  Way too often kids are raised by someone other than their parents, and we didn’t have kids so we could watch them being raised by those around us, even the ones we love dearly.

The girls are at the prime age for development, and they absorb everything around them at an alarming rate.  When we hit the road in January, they are going to have the advantage of learning from real, firsthand experiences and direct interaction with people and their surroundings.  From their Chariot on the back of the tandem, the girls will be continuously exposed to new and exciting things, they will get to see all the beauty that nature has to offer.  We will be exposing the girls to different scenery, cultures, people and food.  From the Chariot the girls really can see the world!  We are however, very conscious of ensuring the girls don’t spend too much time in the Chariot.  We often take the girls for a couple of 1 hour long walks on weekends which they love.  We are planning to have the girls in the Chariot for as little time as possible – we are going to be stopping a lot. Parks, forests, fields, swimming pools, beaches, fish & chips, castles, mountains, glaciers, movies, feeding ducks, and as someone once said most importantly of all – ice-cream!

Although some people feel that leaving the girls in the Chariot for periods of time will do little for them, there is a lot of evidence we’ve found to show the opposite to be true and kids are thriving as a result. Firstly the girls need to entertain themselves for those periods when we’re cycling and with no modern gadgets and gizmos – no television, no computer or fancy electrical toys, they will be stimulated to use their imagination and the resulting brain development is substantial.  Secondly the girls will be learning patience and understanding when we can’t respond immediately.  There is also evidence to show that toddlers who have travelled show signs of significant development in their speech.  The combination of being stimulated to try and verbalize just what they are seeing and experiencing around them, and the stream of new people they are meeting who engage them in conversation, are all factors. Different accents and nationalities further challenge developing speech for the better.

The girls may well be too young to remember specific details of the trip we are undertaking, but they will be learning so many skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives, and all the experiences will be shaping the kids they will become.  We want to open up the girls world to a variety of new cultures and experiences.  We want to broaden their minds with travel and a sense of adventure.  During our cycle tour we will be living the simple life and we hope it will teach our girls to appreciate the smaller things in life, and that real value lays within people and not material things.  We want our girls to learn the importance and rewards of a simple healthy, active lifestyle.


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