Are we ready?

The ever mounting pressure of the looming unknown, and our future life on the road is fast approaching.  Have we saved enough? Are the girls going to enjoy themselves? Are we ever going to get fit enough to pull our massive rig up and over the mountain passes of New Zealand?  These are all questions we will soon find out the answer to!  If this was going to be a run of the mill – middle of the road holiday then we wouldn’t be doing it.  We want to raise our girls in a challenging and stimulating environment.

Road fatigue along with the randomness of life on the road whilst cycle touring, coupled with the often complete unpredictability of twin toddlers all ads up to one hell of an adventure!  This may not be a “normal” life for a toddler, however we are trying our best to stay true to ourselves and introduce the girls to our way of life, rather than change who we fundamentally are as people to conform with societies expectations of parents just to suit our kids.  So often we hear people make comments like “there’s not point in traveling with kids until they are old enough to remember it”  This makes no sense to us – these early years are laying the foundations for who they are going to become, and although they may not remember the entire tip in great detail, everything they do and experience will be shaping them on a daily basis.  They will be developing their independence, confidence, speech and understanding of the world.

As far as being ready, who knows.  How do you really prepare for the unknown?  We have put countless hours of research into making sure we have the right gear, that we have a solid understanding of the countries we will be cycling in, to ensure our routes are safe, without building up too much expectation and we have spent an equal amount of time getting the girls used to travelling in the Chariot.  We are drawing on all our experiences from previous travels around the globe and taking advice from all sources.  But does all this preparation make us ready?  I’m not sure, but if the real question is are we ready to spend the next 6-12 months on the road with our girls, watching them grow and continue to develop at a seemingly unstoppable rate?  If the question is are we really ready to be present in our girls lives 24/7?  To nurture, challenge and encourage them every step of the way. Then my answer is simple.  YES!


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