Final Preparation


With only 11 days until we leave for Christchurch, and Christmas only a couple of days away we have been in a bit of a mad frenzy trying to get all our last minute preparations complete.  We left the kids with the grandparents and headed for the big smoke (Sydney) to try and tick off all the final items on our packing list.  Helmets, zip off pants and micro fleeces among other things.  It was a stinking hot day, with the temperature hovering around the high 30’s.  The day involved a lot of running to catch trains, crossings and generally trying to beat the crowds of Christmas shoppers.  In the space of a few hours we managed to get everything on the list and we headed back home to rescue the grandparents!

Yesterday we finally re-assembled the bike and took it for a quick spin around the block.  Once again we were struck with an almost instant burning in the thighs, and a sick feeling started to wash over the both of us.  Even on the relatively flat parts of our ride it was bloody hard work, and we briefly talked about what a shock our bodies are going to go through when we get to NZ.  I decided to give the bike a once over when we got home, and I soon realised that the rear calliper was rubbing against the rear disk quite significantly.  So I took the calliper off, and refitted and adjusted it, as per the instruction manual, and we went for another quick spin.  And wow, what a difference.  All the panic instantly evaporated, and we were all smiles as we cruised around the block with ease.  The Rohloff hub has 14 gears, and on our 1st lap we had to use the granny gear to get up a hill, this time round we were flying up in 7th gear.  The difference was chalk and cheese.  We then spent the afternoon, adding even more HiViz fluro to the Chariot and fine tuning the gears.  We just need to do a trail run of packing the panniers and we are pretty much ready to go.  Christchurch here we come!


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