Fast Lane to Christchurch


Sunny insured that a 4am start to the day wasn’t going to be overslept. We got everyone washed and everything packed just in the time for our airport transfer. A little bit of bad luck and maybe some dodgy food yesterday meant that I was feeling very seedy and the situation wasn’t helped by the fact that our shuttle bus driver was a maniac on the road. After using every bit of concentration I had I managed to wait until we got to the airport to be sick in the toilets and then I was ready to start our adventure!

When we decided to do this trip we knew that travelling with kids was going to present many challenges. What we didn’t realise though is that it also gives you some special privileges above your fellow passengers. People travelling with infants are the first on the plane, get fantastic seats and every officer allowed us to go straight to the front of the line through customs and security. This little bit of special treatment made up for the fact that we had two cranky infants that refused to sleep!

Christchurch looks great so far. We are staying at a lovely B&B for a couple of nights and our hosts are genuine and warm. Actually, since stepping off the plane everyone we have come in contact with has been super friendly and I can’t help but get excited about the characters we will meet along the way. The girls have been crazily happy and giggly since arriving at the B&B and are already walking around as if they own the place. Can’t help but feel like a proud Mum to see them both so confident and cheeky, even after a big day. They seem to welcome new situations, people and places with a natural enthusiasm and I’m starting to think that this may actually be easier than I first thought. Don’t want to get ahead of myself though…. Only Day #1

We start cycling on Saturday and I can’t wait! Also very excited about the first camping night with the girls & crossing every finger & toe that it goes well. Although right at this moment they are sleeping soundly in luxury at the B&B… can they get any cuter?



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