Back to the randomness



We have been off the radar a bit we know… but its been a huge month full of family, friends, fun & laughter.

At the end of our New Zealand leg we were also being slack with updates as things wen’t going very smoothly. We rode into some foul weather coupled with our spokes continually breaking and everything became a little too difficult. We ended up being rescued from our generous host Alan in Christchurch and decided to end our trip off on a good note, enjoying the luxury of a warm and cosy B&B and seeing the sights of Christchurch that we’d missed the first time round.

From there we had a fleeting visit in Sydney which wasn’t long enough. The girls enjoyed many cuddles and lots of playing from family that had been missing them so much. Jay and I enjoyed the catch ups just as much as the girls and it finally gave us a chance to get a little time just the two of us, which just doesn’t happen when we are bike touring.

Next stop was London! God, I was absolutely dreading the 24hr flight and was totally shocked when the girls slept for most the way. They were so incredibly good on the whole flight, I was just so proud! Fingers crossed that it will be the same on the way back. We had such a beautiful warm welcome back in the UK and spent 2 weeks with Jays parents. The girls got to meet all their aunties, uncles and cousins and it was a really special visit that may not happen again for a few years.

Once we had arrived in the UK we did a little research and as usual randomly chose our next route. We’ve decided to cycle from Budapest to Paris mostly following the beautiful Danube River.We will pass through Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany & France. It is one of the most cycled routes in the whole of Europe and Jay and I wanted to do it a few years ago but got a little distracted by Croatia.

The route is mostly flat (which i’m totally stoked about) and is well signed with camping along the way, so it makes for a very stress free enjoyable trip. We arrived into Budapest two days ago & it is so rich in culture & history that there has been a huge smug smile of both our faces since stepping off the plane. It is such an amazing feeling to travel through countries having no prior expectations and just enjoying the unknown and strangeness of it all. Its a difficult thing to explain but it is where my passion comes from when travelling, I doubt I will ever want to stop. Having the girls with us and seeing their eyes light up at the beautiful old buildings and seeing their curiosity at the different languages being warmly spoken to them is really something special. I have no doubt in my mind that this is the best thing we could be doing with them at this young age.

We will finish our tour in Paris, the city of love just in time to celebrate my 30th Birthday up the Eiffel Tower but tomorrow we jump back on the bike and cycle until we feel like stopping. This is seriously the life. I couldn’t think of anywhere i’d rather be than here in Budapest with my awesome travelling sidekicks!



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