Stress Free

We’ve been cycling for a week now and it’s been a colourful mixture of emotions.
We left Budapest with high spirits but seedy stomaches and it seemed that we all had brought a little tummy bug with us from the UK. Not exactly the way you want to be feeling when trying to navigate through a major city on your way to a 6 week cycling and camping adventure. We soon learnt that Hungary lacks public toilets along with the fact that our non-existent route planning meant that our “stress free” cycle tour was going to be far from stress free.
Don’t get me wrong, we’ve spent the last week cycling through beautiful scenery but it turns out we are a little early in the season as most camping grounds don’t seem to open their doors till may…. Actually it seems that even hotels seem to have the same philosophy and we have been forced to cycle much further than planned each day just to find somewhere to sleep and have had to ask for the help and kindness of the locals. The warmth & hospitality that we’ve been given in Hungary and Slovakia so far is incredible. We are learning quickly that the girls melt ALL hearts and people welcome them with open arms (lucky we’re the parents).
So week number 1 has been more difficult than expected but we are all feeling fit and ready for the next section, Vienna to Passau. We have a couple of days to explore beautiful Vienna, a city I’ve always dreamt of going to, and here we are. Pretty damn excited to be showing the girls this gorgeous city. Will post some more picture soon.
Until then we’ll just keep pedalling.


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