IMG_1994We are an adventurous couple, it’s in our nature, and as our girls grow we want to stay true to ourselves and live a simple life on the road less travelled. We also believe that we are the luckiest people alive because we have the most perfect, healthy & happy twin girls who are currently 13 months old (September 2013). Life before babies involved pretty consistent travel including a 4000km tandem cycle tour through Europe.  We are currently enjoying life on a beautiful tropical Island, we are working hard and saving as much as we can until we feel the girls are ready to come on the road with us. We arrive in New Zealand at the beginning of January 2014 when our girls will be 18 months old from here  we have our sights set on Europe again – hoping we’ll be able to complete many many miles with two in tow!  We are giving ourselves the luxury of spending amazing quality time with our beautiful daughters and teaching them about different countries & cultures and how easy it is to live the simple life! We can’t wait to get going and share our twins with the world!

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