Broken Spokes & Happy Folk


We have now cycled over 1000Km with our two little girls in tow, and we couldn’t be more proud of how well the girls are doing.  At the planning stage of our trip we were fully prepared for this trip not to work, but so far the girls seem to love it! Every day is a new adventure, each campsite is full of new places to explore and new people to jabber to. Their confidence, speech and independence has all grown immensely over the past 6 weeks and it’s hugely impressive to see how they take everything in their stride. In fact they have adjusted to the life on the road easier than we have!

It had been nearly 3 years since we last did any proper cycling, and couple that with the added weight of the girls (and all the essentials that go along with camping with 18 month old twins), Continue reading


Incredible Journey


Our journey to Geraldine was more challenging than we had anticipated. We had chosen our rough route around NZ partly due to the general wind patterns that blow through the south. Somehow nature has been working against us and luck hasn’t been on our side. We have been battling a fierce headwind ever since we left Christchurch, and the extra effort required just to get moving sometimes is staggering and the toll it is taking on our bodies is heavy. Continue reading

The unexpected wanderings of a nomadic family.

Packed & ready to roll!

Due to a number of reasons we ended up packed and ready to leave Christchurch with out ever cycling a single pedal stroke with our bike fully loaded. It was, therefore with a little hesitation that we jumped on the saddles and headed off into the unknown.

We had planned a short route to our first campsite as we had also never camped with the girls, and we had no idea how they would take to it all. As we expected the girls were amazing, they just thrive on anything new and exciting, and there is certainly a lot of new for them on this trip. Continue reading