4 weeks on the road!


Rail Trail Trial


We’ve been on the road now for just under a month and the tiredness is finally catching up with us. After a break in Tekapo we got back on the bike with high spirits and excitement for the Otago Rail Trail. We had noticed that the roads were becoming busier and the hard shoulders non existent so we welcomed the opportunity to spend 150km on traffic free paths.

We’d decided that cycling over the Lindis Pass with the girls was way to ambitious so we caught a shuttle bus to Cromwell which was pretty damn frightening as the bus driver was a maniac driver and the roads were winding and narrow. Continue reading

Incredible Journey


Our journey to Geraldine was more challenging than we had anticipated. We had chosen our rough route around NZ partly due to the general wind patterns that blow through the south. Somehow nature has been working against us and luck hasn’t been on our side. We have been battling a fierce headwind ever since we left Christchurch, and the extra effort required just to get moving sometimes is staggering and the toll it is taking on our bodies is heavy. Continue reading

Headwinds & Hills

Road side lunch stop

A few days into our cycle journey we had learnt an important lesson and that was to be more prepared and knowledgable about what our route would bring. We now make a very conscious effort to speak with locals about the different townships we pass through and what they have to offer regarding food and accommodation.

After pitching our tent in a complete strangers yard we headed onto Hororata to stay with a host that we’d contacted through ‘Warm Showers’. On the way we’d stopped at a small side street and used our picnic rug like a sail to shield us all from the sun while having lunch. Jay & I were struggling all day against another head wind, so when Carol our host burned up in her car unexpectedly and offered to take all our panniers back to the house, we jumped at the opportunity and it made our last 15km much easier. Continue reading