Broken Spokes & Happy Folk


We have now cycled over 1000Km with our two little girls in tow, and we couldn’t be more proud of how well the girls are doing.  At the planning stage of our trip we were fully prepared for this trip not to work, but so far the girls seem to love it! Every day is a new adventure, each campsite is full of new places to explore and new people to jabber to. Their confidence, speech and independence has all grown immensely over the past 6 weeks and it’s hugely impressive to see how they take everything in their stride. In fact they have adjusted to the life on the road easier than we have!

It had been nearly 3 years since we last did any proper cycling, and couple that with the added weight of the girls (and all the essentials that go along with camping with 18 month old twins), Continue reading

Rail Trail Trial


We’ve been on the road now for just under a month and the tiredness is finally catching up with us. After a break in Tekapo we got back on the bike with high spirits and excitement for the Otago Rail Trail. We had noticed that the roads were becoming busier and the hard shoulders non existent so we welcomed the opportunity to spend 150km on traffic free paths.

We’d decided that cycling over the Lindis Pass with the girls was way to ambitious so we caught a shuttle bus to Cromwell which was pretty damn frightening as the bus driver was a maniac driver and the roads were winding and narrow. Continue reading