The unexpected wanderings of a nomadic family.

Packed & ready to roll!

Due to a number of reasons we ended up packed and ready to leave Christchurch with out ever cycling a single pedal stroke with our bike fully loaded. It was, therefore with a little hesitation that we jumped on the saddles and headed off into the unknown.

We had planned a short route to our first campsite as we had also never camped with the girls, and we had no idea how they would take to it all. As we expected the girls were amazing, they just thrive on anything new and exciting, and there is certainly a lot of new for them on this trip. Continue reading

Fast Lane to Christchurch


Sunny insured that a 4am start to the day wasn’t going to be overslept. We got everyone washed and everything packed just in the time for our airport transfer. A little bit of bad luck and maybe some dodgy food yesterday meant that I was feeling very seedy and the situation wasn’t helped by the fact that our shuttle bus driver was a maniac on the road. After using every bit of concentration I had I managed to wait until we got to the airport to be sick in the toilets and then I was ready to start our adventure! Continue reading

Final Preparation


With only 11 days until we leave for Christchurch, and Christmas only a couple of days away we have been in a bit of a mad frenzy trying to get all our last minute preparations complete.  We left the kids with the grandparents and headed for the big smoke (Sydney) to try and tick off all the final items on our packing list.  Helmets, zip off pants and micro fleeces among other things.  It was a stinking hot day, with the temperature hovering around the high 30’s.  The day involved a lot of running to catch trains, crossings and generally trying to beat the crowds of Christmas shoppers.  In the space of a few hours we managed to get everything on the list and we headed back home to rescue the grandparents! Continue reading

Are we ready?

The ever mounting pressure of the looming unknown, and our future life on the road is fast approaching.  Have we saved enough? Are the girls going to enjoy themselves? Are we ever going to get fit enough to pull our massive rig up and over the mountain passes of New Zealand?  These are all questions we will soon find out the answer to!  If this was going to be a run of the mill – middle of the road holiday then we wouldn’t be doing it.  We want to raise our girls in a challenging and stimulating environment. Continue reading

10 reasons we’re excited about NZ!

1. Glowworm Caves 

The sparkling show put on by the glowworms at Te Anau Glowworm Caves will blow you away.  To reach the caves you will travel through a mysterious underground world of twisting limestone passages, rushing water, whirlpools and thundering underground waterfalls.  The caves were found in 1948 by Lawson Burrows after three years searching using clues from old Maori legends. The caves are very young, about 12,000 years old, and are still being carved by the rushing water.  The caves lie in the Murchison Mountains, across Lake Te Anau from the village of Te Anau 2.5 hours from Queenstown.  Continue reading

Why cycle touring is good for young kids!!


“How could towing your twins round the world in a trailer be beneficial for them?”

First and foremost this trip is about family.  The 4 of us spending time together as a family.  The girls have the luxury of having both parents on hand 24/7 and this will help them  build on their already strong relationship with us, and help cement in their minds that we are the key supporters in their lives.   We want to raise our girls, we want to be their main influences.  We don’t want our girls to be raised by who ever is on shift at the local day care,  or by friends, instead we want to raise our girls ourselves.  We want the girls to have consistency in their parenting.  Way too often kids are raised by someone other than their parents, and we didn’t have kids so we could watch them being raised by those around us, even the ones we love dearly. Continue reading

Chariot Preparation Pt1


We have just received our first support package from Chariot Carriers, which included a Rain Cover, Cargo Rack and Fender Kit.  Our first impression is that all of the parts are well made, high quality items.  Despite being a male, and even against the advice from my dad I decided to read the instructions which came with each of the parts.  I didn’t really need to, to be honest – the parts are so simple to fit, and very intuitive.    Continue reading

Chariot Training


For the past couple of months we have been putting the girls through Chariot training.  Basically this entailed us swapping their old stroller for the Chariot so we could try to get them used to their new, soon to be, home.  We are trying to take them out as much as we can but as the Queensland summer is quickly gaining on us it is getting harder, and by mid day it’s almost like torture.  So our solution – as soon as the girls wake up in the morning, which can often be before 5am! we strap them into the Chariot and go for a jog around the island.  The jogging is serving a double purpose really, firstly it is getting the girls used to the Chariot, and early mornings and secondly it is helping us build up our pre-tour fitness. Continue reading

A guest from Sweden

IMG_2228We have just had the pleasure of hosting our first cycle tourist through – Erik Olhson.  He’s a very colourful character with some incredible stories from his cycling adventures all over the globe.  Erik has cycled over 20,000km with one of his more interesting and challenging tours entailing a solo, 10 month journey from Stockholm to Singapore!  He is currently heading south visiting a few friends along the way.  Erik explained to us that he is starting to lack the energy to cycle all the way to Tasmania, his original plan, and now instead he will be cycle-hiking.   Continue reading