We are starting our tour around the beginning of January 2014.  First stop is Christchurch, South Island New Zealand.  From here we will take 3 months to complete a wiggly loop of the south, ending up back in Christchurch.  We are planning to start with small days with plenty of rest days in any given week and build from there.  We are under no illusion that it is going to be “easy” in fact we know it’s definitely going to be interesting/challenging in equal portions.  I refrain from using the word “hard” as it is a little depressing to think that before we even start.  Any problems we face, and i’m sure there will be many, are more challenges to overcome, or problems to solve.


After finding our feet and spending 3 months in NZ we are heading back to Europe for the summer.  There are a number of reasons for taking the European route.  Firstly to visit Jay’s family in the UK, and it will be the first time most, if not all, of his family will have met the girls.  Secondly the culture is so rich, so intrenched, so diverse that we feel it would be such an amazing learning experience for not only the girls but us too!  We arrive into London in early April and we have the luxury of 4 months to soak up all the European summer has to offer before moving onto……


Canada and US of A.  We are flying into Vancouver, early August and fly out of LA just in time to be back in Sydney in time for Christmas.  So with no fixed route plans and 4 months in the states to make our way approximately 3500km across the continent, we are going to be in for one hell of an adventure.

As for where we will end up, or when our trip will end is anyones guess……..


2 thoughts on “Where

  1. Wow guys!!!!
    What an amazing year you have ahead if you.
    Can’t wait to read all about it.
    Be sure for a catch up sometime in April when you reach blighty.

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